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This is beautiful, and I mean that! The way the artist pieced this together was nothing less of absolutely amazing. The model herself was perfect for the piece, and the color scheme, without a doubt, matches her and the scene very nicely. The way the artist put all the pieces together really brought...

by tanikel

"Blackhawk" is a beautiful photo, and for many reasons. While there are many photos of helicopters (especially the black hawk,) not many of them focus on the environment or rather the uses originally intended for the vehicle. I believe that this work is different than others for those sole reasons. ...

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Take some time aside to look at the works of art by these magnificent artists and I guarantee you will not regret it! =P


lulzBot 1.28 Final-er [August 10 2015] by DivinityArcane
lulzBot 1.28 Final-er [August 10 2015]
:star: lulzBot? What's that?

lulzBot (OrrinFox thought of the name.) is a free, fast, lightweight and functional chat bot for deviantART's Chat Network (dAmn) by DivinityArcane. It aims to be a faster, more stable and friendlier bot as opposed to some of the other options while still bringing users the commands and functionality that they once loved from bots like Dante.

The bot is now a public, final release!. That aside, it boasts some of the familiar functionality that users would want, while still being efficient and quick (not to mention cross platform.) As of version 1.27, lulzBot has the following 120 commands (taken from the bot itself):

[8ball] · [about] · [access] · [acos] · [act] · [admin] · [ai] · [art] · [asin] · [atan] · [atan2] · [autojoin] · [away] · [back] · [badwords] · [ban] · [base64] · [bds] · [binary] · [bot] · [botdom] · [brainfuck] · [channels] · [chat] · [clear] · [client] · [coin] · [colors] · [command] · [commands] · [commits] · [cos] · [credits] · [ctrig] · [cycle] · [debug] · [define] · [demote] · [devinfo] · [dice] · [disconnects] · [docs] · [dsay] · [eval] · [event] · [exec] · [ext] · [flip] · [fortune] · [get] · [google] · [help] · [hlds] · [insult] · [insults] · [irpg] · [issues] · [join] · [kernel] · [kick] · [kill] · [log] · [logs] · [mc] · [md160] · [md5] · [memo] · [myart] · [netinfo] · [netusage] · [note] · [npsay] · [override] · [part] · [pi] · [ping] · [police] · [pow] · [promote] · [quit] · [random] · [raw] · [rdeviant] · [rdeviation] · [reload] · [reverse] · [rgroup] · [roll] · [rr] · [say] · [seen] · [set] · [sha1] · [sha256] · [sha384] · [sha512] · [sin] · [spell] · [sqrt] · [sudo] · [system] · [tab] · [tan] · [test] · [throw] · [thumbinfo] · [translate] · [unban] · [update] · [uptime] · [urbandict] · [users] · [vend] · [vender] · [weather] · [welcome] · [welcomes] · [whois] · [wikipedia] · [youtube]

And will continue to have more added in the future. It is fully BDS compatible, and stores information on bots in a local database to make looking up other bots information quick and easy (using the command bot info).

:star: Okay, well, what do I need?

The only requirement of lulzBot is that you have at least .NET framework 4.0 or greater installed (which the vast majority of you already do.) If you don't have it, the bot will tell you, and you can download it from here. The bot will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (using Mono for the last two instead of the .NET framework) easily.

:star: Sounds great! But, how do I start?

Simple! Just create a separate deviantART account for the bot (or use an existing account if you have one,) and then run the bot. It will ask for the login details of the bot account as well as your username (so it knows who its owner is,) as well as a command trigger and the names of the chatrooms you want it to join automatically. You only have to enter this information once!

:star: A command trigger? What's that?

A command trigger is something that prefixes commands for your bot, to separate it from other bots and make it more personal to you. Using a command trigger, you can easily tell a bot what to do while feeding it short, concise commands. A command trigger is generally a few symbols together, or even a word or name. Imagine your command trigger is ^^ and you wanted to use the about command. You would simple say into a room that the bot is in: ^^about

The bot will then see that you issued it a command, because you used its command trigger, and check if it knows that command. For this command, it does know it, so it responds with information about it, including the name of its owner (you!) Simple, right?

:star: Okay, you've convinced me. It sounds really cool! But where do I get it? Is it really free?

It's absolutely free! I've been writing chat bots for dAmn for the past 6 or so years, and my aim has always been simply to make tools that help people. I don't see any reason why I should charge for something that helps people, because we all deserve to have it! If you want to get your own copy of lulzBot, you can do so below!

:star: Wait! What if I run into trouble or need some help along the way?

You can always drop by the channel #Botdom on dAmn to get advice or help. If you're looking for specific help with this bot, I'd be glad to help you, and I hang out in that channel during the week regularly. Just look for DivinityArcane!

:star: Okay! I'm ready! Let me have a copy!

The latest updates and download for lulzBot will be kept here, so make sure to check in the future to see if there's been an update. I'll try and summarize what's changed in the latest version as well.

:star: Note for upgrading!

When upgrading to a new version of lulzBot, if you'd wish to keep your configuration and logs, etc, you can just copy the Config file and the Storage folder to your new lulzBot folder.

Download: lulzBot version 1.28 (Zip Archive)

GitHub Repository: Source Code

:star: Changlog

Version 1.28 [ 8/10/15 ]

Fix for login problems.

Version 1.27 Fix [ 4/5/14 ]

dA made a small change to the login process which prevented new bots from obtaining a dAmnToken. This has been fixed.

Version 1.27 [ 1/23/14 ]

Command gcalc has been removed. Google removed their API for this feature.

Command isohunt has been removed. has been taken down.
Command dAmnIT has been removed. deviantART removed the dAmnIT feature. For a fully-functional replacement with a search function, see this page.
Command spell is currently not functioning as intended, but it should be fixed within a few days on my end.
Added override command, for overriding the minimum privilege level needed to use a command.
Fixed rgroup command.

Version 1.25 [ 9/17/13 ]

Various small changes.
The "weather" command has been fixed. *
The "spell" command has been re-added. *
The "define" command has been re-added. *
The "roll"/"dice" command now verbosely shows the results per-die.
The "tweet" command has been removed. **
The "tweets" command has been removed. **

* All three commands now use APIs through my own server, to provide for better stability and reliability.

** Both commands have been removed due to Twitter removing their API in favor of a newer version that requires different authentication. They may be re-added in the future.

Version 1.22 [ 8/13/13 ]

Fix for the changes deviantART made to the login process. Bots will now correctly grab their authtoken again.

Version 1.21 [ 8/8/13 ]

Various core changes, and small bug fixes.

Version 1.18 [ 6/19/13 ]

Fix order of user classes in "commands all"
Fix priv level of "users" being operators instead of admins.
Fix stray in the message for denial of adding a user to a non-existent priv level.
Fixes in policing code.
Fixes in SYNC code.

Version 1.17 [ 6/12/13 ]

Added check for outdated versions of the bot, with a prompt. Continuing to use an outdated version will require confirmation on startup.
Added usage for built in commands and help system, via passing ? or -? as the first argument of any command. Usage for external commands may be added as well, by simply passing a fourth argument (string) to the BindCommand tag.
Added usage messages for external extensions included with the bot.
"cycle" command will now cycle the current channel if no argument is passed.
Fixed hint path and references for MySql.Data.dll as well as case for Linux hosts.
Added --oldpc cli flag, ups the loop delay to 55ms per iteration to help older computers.

Version 1.16 [ 6/8/13 ]

Fixed per changes by deviantART.

Version 1.15 [ 6/4/13]

Fixed the tablump parser to work with the changes made by deviantART.

Version 1.14 [ 6/3/13 ]

Minor core changes.
New, improved "devinfo" command.

Version 1.13 [ 5/27/13 ]

"channels" command no longer displays private chats.
"netinfo" command displays disconnects now.
"part" command with no arguments now leaves the current channel.
Disabled both "spell" and "define" commands. The API used is down.
"ping" command now uses a Stopwatch for greater precision.

Version 1.12 [ 5/18/13 ]

Add irpg command. #dAmnIdlers player information command.

Version 1.11 [ 5/9/13 ]

Core updates.
Fix bug with uptime and commands after a certain period of system uptime.

Version 1.10 [ 4/3/13 ]

Updates to extensions, add unicode (UTF8) support to searches like YouTube and Google.
Fixed Tools.HtmlEncode() function.
Fixed "translate" command. Now displays unicode characters correctly.
Added "mods" and "all" switches to the "commands" command.
Fixed BDS bug with triggers containing "&".
Added "ext" command. Allows disabling specific external extensions along with their commands and events.

Version 1.07 [ 3/25/13 ]

Added "Clear" command. Clears the bot's console.
Fix bug in "issues" command.
Fixed the bot so it grabs a new authtoken if the old one has expired.

Version 1.06 [ 3/24/13 ]

Bug fixes to certain commands.
Add "Math" extension. Adds commands for methods like cos, sin, atan, atan2, asin, acos, etc.
Add "Hash" extension. Adds commands for algorithms like SHA1, SHA256, RIPEMD160, etc.
Bug fixed to Timers.

Version 1.04 [ 3/20/13 ]

Update to BDS 0.4 protocol.
Bug fixes in extensions.
Added "commits" command. Allows for grabbing the latest commits from a GitHub repository.
Added "issues" command. Allows for grabbing the latest issues from a GitHub repository.
Added "owner" option to the "bot" command. Allows for looking up bots owned by a certain person from the local database.
Added "trigger" option to the "bot" command. Allows for looking up bots using a certain trigger from the local database.
Added "youtube" command. Allows for searching youtube for videos by a query.
Added "damnit" command. Allows for displaying a random dAmnIT quote from the most recent 30 submitted.
Added "isohunt" command. Allows searching for torrents via
Added "badwords" command. Allows the bot to kick a user from the specified chatroom when they say a word that's in the list.
Added "brainfuck" command. BrainFuck language interpreter.

Version 1.02 [ 3/16/13 ]

Added "exec" command. Allows execution of a system call.
Added "mc" command. Allows querying minecraft servers for information.
Added BDS 0.4 capability.
Golden release. Source is now public.

Version 0.9 Beta [ 3/12/13 ]

Bug fixes.
Added "ai" command, as well as AI to the bot.
Added "reset" option to the "netinfo" command.
Added alias "netusage" to the "netinfo" command.
Added "system" command to display system information, and modified "about" command to be more compact.
Added "translate" command. Allows translation via BDS.
Added "kernel" command. Fetches the latest commits to the Linux Kernel.
Added "update" command. Checks if the bot is up to date.
Bot now automatically checks with Botdom to see if it's up to date, and if not, displays a notification on startup.
Added "hlds" command. Gets info on a HLDS/SRCDS server.
Added "random" command. Gets a random number, and, if specified, between a certain range.
Added "rdeviant" command. Gets a random deviant.
Added "rdeviation" command. Gets a random deviation.
Added "rgroup" command. Gets a random group.
Added "chat" command. Makes the bot join a private chat with you.
Added MySQL wrapper. Can now use MySQL to store/maintain information in extensions.
Added Storage.Heap. Allows for storing temporary objects via eval or extensions.
Added "art" command. Grabs N thumbs from the specified deviant's gallery. N defaults to 5
Added "myart" command. Grabs N thumbs from the requesting deviant's gallery. N defaults to 5
Away now saves messages that highlighted you while you were away, and will display them upon using back.
Added "channels" command. Displays the channels (and how many) the bot is in.
Added "cycle" command. Makes the bot leave then immediately rejoin a channel.
Added "logs" command. Allows for enabling or disabling logging, or blacklisting certain channels.

Version 0.8 Beta [ 2/24/13 ]

Added "raw" command. Sends raw packets to dAmn.
Various changes to the BDS core and additions to the "bot" command.
Added "client" command. For grabbing client information.
Added "insult" and "insults" commands. Configurable insults list.
Added "urbandict" command. Searches urbandictionary.
Added "define" command. Searches the definition of a word.
Added "spell" command. Checks the spelling of a word, and gives suggestions if wrong.
Added "colors" command. Changes the bot's colors.
Added "dsay" command. Delayed say command.
Added Timers class. Can now use timers in extensions. (See dsay in Tools module.)
Added "command" command. Allows disabling certain commands.
Added "tweet" command. Searches a specific twitter tweet ID.
Added "tweets" command. Searches the latest 3 tweets by a specific twitter username.
Added "weather" command. Searches current weather for the specified city/zipcode.
Added "devinfo" command. Grabs information on a deviant.
Added "help" command. Views the description (and help, if specified) of a certain command.
Bug fixes in commands.
Grabs authtokens faster.
Now stores titles and topics in their respective log folders in the Storage folder.

Version 0.7 Beta [ 2/18/13 ]

Added "raw" command.
Added "rr" (russian roulette) command. Allows playing either by yourself or with an unlimited amount of people.
Added "evt_recv_admin_show" event and support for "admin show" commands.
Fixed quit command allowing the bot to reconnect before closing.
Fixed delay for disconnect handling being faster than dAmn. Added reconnect after 10 seconds if a socket handle can't be obtained.
Fixed bugs in commands and added missing help messages.
Changed certain commands related to channel moderation.

Version 0.6 Beta [ 2/13/13 ]

First public beta release!

Project started around 11/26/12

Unfortunately, upon checking my mail today I received a notice that the grid my server was on experienced a ring of kernel panics, which resulted in data loss. Long story short, I lost my entire container aside from a backup of the web data I made a week or two ago. What this means is that #dAmnIdlers will most likely be on hiatus until I re-write it, and my dAmnIT site may have lost its database. While I do keep backups, the way the server went down [for some reason] caused the remote server to delete the folder containing the backups, so the only recent data I actually have is the pages from the website, which I kept on a flash drive. There's a chance that I may have a backup of the ~40,000 dAmnIT quotes from before dA took it down, but I can't make any promises as I haven't looked through anything yet. 

In any case, I do apologize for the downtime. This is about the worst thing that can happen to a server, and unfortunately my host does not keep backups.

Edit: Unfortunately, after looking over the backups that didn't go through, I see that I am missing a great deal of data, as well as some of the scripts for the back-end of things. While this is extremely unfortunate, I do take blame for the fact that I had not had the time to add more methods of backing things up. What this means for dAmnIT and #dAmnIdlers is that I'll have to completely rewrite them, and, unfortunately, I don't have the time. Neither of them were really a means of income, and as I'm not employed at the moment, that means they're pretty low on my list of priorities. Over the 1-2 years both projects have been live, they pulled close to a million views, and were accessed by over 5000 unique visitors, over 1000 of which logged in via dA to do things like join #dAmnIdlers or submit quotes. It saddens me to lose the projects to data loss, but things like this do happen.

When the time comes when I have the free time to rewrite the projects I will do so, but as of now, I cannot give a date for either.


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